Meni Benish, Chairman of IGCC Interviewed by Palitra News

Meni Benish, Chairman of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) gave an interview for TV Palitra News about high potential of Israel-Georgia trade, business, commercial and tourism cooperation. იხილეთ ისრაელ-საქართველოს სავაჭრო პალატის თავმჯდომარის მენი ბენიშის მიერ მიცემული ინტერვიუ პალიტრა ნიუსის გადაცემა „ბიზნეს პალიტრისათვის“.   Follow the Link:  

Meni BENISH of Israel-Georgian Chamber of Commerce: “We can get financial support for any size of ventures”

Israel is among the Georgia’s oldest and most reliable business partners. An essential support mechanism for healthy economic relations is a bilateral chamber of commerce, which, as a rule, must be established in both countries. Recently such a bilateral chamber has been finally introduced, after a lengthy period of registrations and endorsements in Israel and…